Cast: Marcus Taylor - Red Letter


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© Zero One Films   Marcus Taylor as Nazi Officer.
© Zero One Films   Marcus Taylor as Nazi Officer.
© Zero One Films   Anne (Bridie Latona).
© Zero One Films   Papieren, bitte!
 © Zero One Films  © Zero One Films  © Zero One Films Papieren, bitte! © Zero One Films

Red Letter

Type: Film
Role: Nazi Officer
Directed by: Edilberto Restino
Production: Zero One Films

Shot with a very low budget in 4 days, this thriller shows a young German trying to kill Hitler himself. 1942: The voice of the Führer echoes around the streets of Paris. On a balcony, Hitler gives an impassioned speech to the crowd. From a window across the road, Franz, as sniper, trains a rifle on the Nazi leader's forehead. A crack of gunfire. Through the eyes of Franz, we witness an act which changes the course of history. Is this really happening or perhaps the fabric of memory is mixing with the fabric of time itself?

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